Company Profile


The TAIMEI Group is a China-based manufacturer andleading developer of high-performance coated and un-coated technical fabrics,extruded films and sunshade cover. We headquartered in Qingdao, is responsiblefor marketing and R&D, while manufacturers in Weihai, Qingdao, Binzhou andTai'An cities, handling production. The group maintains production facilitiesfor high-quality fabric material, steel accessories.


With 15+ years of group experience in coated andnon-coated fabric, our production teams have 20+ years of experience in theproduction of a different kind of fabric, +500 customers in 50+ countriesworldwide, and for a variety of markets, applications and end-users.


The TAIMEI Group acts as a real industry partner,adviser and manufacturer, providing excellent products as well as technicalexpertise. We consider our distributors and agents part of the team, supportingthem as partners. So, they will understand what final customer exactly need, andserve the customer better.


We deliver on-time, high-quality standard, and customindustrial fabrics, mesh and film for a wide range of applications, forcommercial, industrial, and governmental customers in many industries.


Our experience has earned us a reputation as adependable partner in the market such as Agriculture and farming, Shipping andAutomobile, Oil and military.


In the next decade, we will put more effort intoR&D and product upgrading and keep providing a good quality product to ourpartner and the market.


1.2 Manufacturing facilities

Providing different fabric to meet differentapplication requirement, TAIMEI Group has a strong focus on work withprofessional manufacturers for all major material and involved in the rawmaterial, additive formula, machinery processing, ensuring the highest qualityand reliability at their own production facilities.


Since 1990's, our Weihai production facility gainedexpertise in plastic fabrication, and HDPE film extrusion, and since 2012 weproduce all our PE Tarpaulin in our own facility.


Our plastic net manufacturing facilities in Binzhouand we insist on produce high-quality shade netting for agriculture andsunshade purpose, in many products application, we provide customers 5 yearsand 10 years quality products.


All staffs and partners who are involved during theproduction of Taimei products are well qualified, frequently trained andfurther educated to keep up with the latest developments in their specific job.


1.3 Taimei Group’s focus

Cover and protect what you care–this is the essence of what our products are made to do. We offer the fullrange of covering products, from waterproof film to high-quality membranesystem, as well as accessories and fixings. A strong focus on major fabricmanufacturing to offer high-quality technical fabric at competitive prices.Offering a wide range of different finished goods with that fabric, we are akey player in the industry.

Our team of employees, partnersand reputable, approved suppliers share one thing – the passion for thisproduct and the market.


2. History

Taimei's success story startedin 2006. Starting with one sales office in Qingdao, the Taimei Group now has 6production facilities in Weihai, Qingdao, Binzhou and Tai'an cities, all beingsupported by a well-established production line on all 6 factories. With thatproduction experience, the Group has a strong and experienced partner who hasbeen a pioneer in technical fabric and manufacturing for over 10 years.


2007: TAIMEI Industrial LimitedEstablished.

Our mother company TaimeiIndustrial Limited was founded in 2006 for the selling of plastic container,plastic film, plastic tarpaulin, and PVC profile to oversea. Within a shorttime, they have diversified into other plastic products and gained extensiveknowledge and expertise in plastic products since then.

2008: JV with Weihai JPlas toproduce the plastic film.

Based on the broad knowledge ofplastic products and the demand for the plastic film with defined performances,Taimei Joint venture of Weihai JPlas to develop and commence production oftheir first plastic film line. At the same time, we start to sell PE Shade Net.

2011: QingdaoTHX Plastic established, Taimei become a shareholder of THX Plastic.

With the increasing demand ofPE Tarpaulin and for better quality control, we acquire THX plastic tomanufacture Tarpaulin in Qingdao. We import plastic raw material from Korea,Taiwan, Saudi, and India etc, since then, we started to manufacture PETarpaulin with our own facilities.

2012: Qingdao Taimei ProductsCo.,Ltd established.

Following the strong growth ofthe company, Taimei established a new company to further strengthen thecompany's position in the global markets. We position ourself as theprofessional technical textile supplier and focus on R&D of various typesof fabric and finished products for covering and shading purpose, such asPolyester Fabric, PVC Coated Fabric, PP Woven Fabric, PP Non-Woven Fabric etc.


2014: Imported technical yarn,innovated and developed New Type of PVC Coated Canvas.

We become the first China company who produce PVCknife Coated Nature Leather. From then, we built an oversea distributionsystem. And we start to have distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Africa,and North America.

2015: Invest in Binzhou DepengNetting Co.,Ltd to produce the plastic net.

Binzhou Depeng Netting was one of our supplier of theplastic net since 2008. In order to enhance the corporation, expand the markettogether and develop new products, we make the joint venture and let Taimeihandle all the oversea market. Within following next 3 years, the sales ofshade net were extremely increased. And may new products launched to themarket.

2016: Products are exported to morethan 60 countries within last 10 years.

With one decade of effort, our products had beenexported to every corner of the world, our customers located in America,European, Middle East, East & West Africa, South America, Australia andalso South East Asia countries.


2018Our Shade Net factory invested a new plants and doubleproduction capacity.

To extend production capacity andserver better for customers, we build a new plants with 10,000 square meter,especially for production of shade sail products and other sun shade coverproducts.


2019 New brand name Plastuf and NordenShade start to use.

In order to protect our products tobe copied by other factory and protect the benifit of our distributor, our newglobal brand name TACMAY was been used, and we also registered and launched.


3. Brand Introduction

3.1 Tarpmax

In earlier establish of the company, we started withPE Tarpaulin, and products are sold to both online and wholesale market.Tarpmax becomes our first brand name, and it is used for our PE Tarpaulinproduct line now.


Product Range: Finished Tarpaulin Cover with either Polyethylene, Polypropylene or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.


3.2 Plastuf

With developing of our production line, morecustomers need more tough and durable fabric for outdoor use, and we have theintuition that fabric with a thermoplastic coating was set to become veryimportant technical textiles and will become one of the main products of ourcompany in the future. For this reason, in 2019, the company decided totrademark the brand name Plastuf, which is based on the coated fabric process.Plastuf now is a brand for our range of products with Plastic Coated Toughfabric. It is now manufactured at our locations in many variations and colors.

Product Range: Mailly for roll fabric for PE or PVC Coated Fabric or PU Coated Fabric.


3.3 Goldenthread

With many years of production experience, weacknowledge that the only way to produce good quality knitted and wovenproducts is using good quality production line and machine to ensure thefabric's feature. So, we name all our knitted and woven fabric with brand"GoldenThread".

GlodenThread is our brand for all uncoated woven andknitted production such as Shade Netand Woven Fence.


3.4 Teratuf

Teratuff is the shortcut of Terra Tuff, it is appliedfor all our geo-material product line, such as Geomembrane, Geocell, Geogrid, Geotextile, also the PP weed mat and landscape fabric.