What different between Product Weigth and Fabric Weight?
What different between Product Weigth and Fabric Weight?
We people buy tarpaulins, some people always confuse about product weighht and fabric weight. 
The weight difference is caused by the seam, hem, inserted rope, eyelets, leaflet and polybag. The smaller the size the bigger the difference between fabric and tarp weight.

Since there is a significant difference in weight per size, it is very difficult for customers to distinguish. 
So, we will named "Product weight" and "Fabric weight" to make it clear. 

Product Weight: The prodcut total net weight divided by product size. 
Fabric Weight: The fabric weight per square meter. 

For example, with a fabric weight of e.g. 100 g/m² the difference in product weight between 2m x 3m and 10m x 12m is close to 8%.

In our Support PDF-document “Fabric Weight & Tarp Weight” you find an explicit clarification.

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