Greenhouse Shade Net
Greenhouse Shade Net
Greenhouse Shade Net
Greenhouse Shade Net



Agriculture & Farming

The key to success with shade cloth is to hang it high enough above the plants, and provide enough ventilation that heat does not build up beneath it. That's easily accomplished in a hoop house or a specially built shade structure such as those seen at nurseries. An inexpensive alternative is a low tunnel made with Johnny's Quick Hoops Bender. Shade cloth can be laid over the Quick Hoops, with the sides uncovered for maximum ventilation.


Strong tensile resistance, anti uv and easy to transport.

The shade net has a big effective to increasing production.

Helps protects plants and people from direct sunlight.

Offers superior ventilation.

Improves light diffusion.

Reflects summer heat and keeps greenhouses cooler.

Easy to install and remove.


Available Fabric:

  • AgriKN-80/120/140/160

    Durable and easy to install, protects plants and crops from direct exposure.
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    Can effectively prevent harmful ultraviolet rays in the sun and pests.
  • Aluminet Shade Net

    Aluminum coated polythelene tape yars are knitted for breathable contruction.