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Agriculture & Farming

Protect grain from adverse weather conditions with grain covers. Grain Covers reinforced polyethylene laminates can handle daily and seasonal use, year after year. This product is designed to resist tears, abrasions and the elements. Grain covers retain their strength and flexibility in extreme temperatures and rugged conditions. They are UV stabilized to withstand sun exposure, scrim reinforced for high strength and will not rot or mildew. Grain covers are a cost-effective solution to ground storage problems.


Low permeability greatly inhibits moisture transmission.

Resistant to wind loads.

Cost-effective solution to ground storage problems.

Custom fabrication is available to meet your exact specifications.

Flexibility and lightweight allow for easy handling and quick installation.

Multiple layers and cord reinforcement resist punctures and tears.

UV stabilization protects the material from degradation.

Long-life expectancy allows for significant cost savings through reuse and fewer replacements.


Available Fabric: