Multch Film
Multch Film
Multch Film
Multch Film
Multch Film

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Agriculture & Farming

This black mulch film is great for keeping the weeds away! The mulch will warm your soil and reduce evaporation to conserve water, leading to earlier and higher yields. While it helps in conserving moisture, it will also prevent ground spoilage to your growing crops.After a few months, parts of the film in contact with the soil will decompose and fertilize the soil. Be environmentally responsible, and save valuable time and energy of removing the mulch film from your farm or garden.


Increase soil temperature, conserve soil moisture, keep soil structure, help plants absorb more nutrition and fertilizer.

Prevent diseases caused by crop pest, promote growth up to 12%.

Light is shut out, suppress the growth of the weed.

Keeps the soil moist and warm, 4%-10% more effective that normal film.

Protects the plant from frost.


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