Manure Conveyor Belt
Manure Conveyor Belt
Manure Conveyor Belt
Manure Conveyor Belt

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Agriculture & Farming

The transverse manure belts at the end of the cage rows accept the manure extracted from the farming systems and transport it immediately out of the poultry house. This simplifies cleaning and improves the climate in the poultry house. Manure Conveyor Belt, the use of High-tech research and development of PVC materials, compared to the traditional PP chicken manure conveyor belt has super antioxidant, corrosion resistance, the service life is very long. Professional application of poultry manure delivery, clear feces convenient, beautiful, tear-resistant durable service life long, corrosion-resistant.

Professional Defecation Belt:

The elongation is within the controllable range.The professional cleaning belt for the production is made of PVC mesh cloth, and the mesh density is leading in the industry.

The wear resistance must meet the industry standard. The cleaning belt is always used by the rollers under the equipment and the anti-biasing device during the operation.

Acid and alkali resistance must meet the long-term fall of chicken manure and the decontamination zone is not corroded.


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