Sun Shade Sail
Sun Shade Sail
Sun Shade Sail
Sun Shade Sail
Sun Shade Sail

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Shade & Cover

Sun Shade Sails, Also known as sun shade sail canopies, provide excellent protection from the sun and up to 95% protection from harmful UV radiation. Will help to reduce temperatures by up to 20-degrees and the breathable material design allows cool breezes to pass through for a more comfortable space, and will allow rain to pass through, so there's no pooling water.


Providing 90% UV protection and up to 20 degrees cooler with our Sun Shade Sail Canopy.

Easy to install onto Homes, trees, or patio columns.

Attched D-Rings and installation rope included.

Helps reduce covered area temperature by up to 20 degrees.

Can be attached to homes, trees, patios, columns, ect.

Easy Installation in a dash. No tools required.


Available Fabric: