Lumber Wrap Cover
Lumber Wrap Cover
Lumber Wrap Cover
Lumber Wrap Cover
Lumber Wrap Cover




Lumber covers come bundled on a pallet or can be delivered by box. The custom sized lumber cover will fit the specifications of the pallet sizes being produced which is beneficial in many situations. This permits for reduced time in cutting from a roll stock and allows the packaging operator to focus on fastening/stapling the form fit lumber cover. There are also advantages for sawmills and wood product facilities with sales driven packaging requirements. With some suppliers of wood products requiring wrap for all shipments, stocked woven lumber covers allow the shipping department to cover a pallet after it has been produced and awaits departure in the yard. This also allows for mix-match loads of lumber and wood products.


Both Roll type for converters and Finished Cover type for customized sizes are available.

UVI & FR treatment available.

Company logo or other graphic can be printed on customer request.

Tear and puncture resistant.

High strength, coated fabric consisting of a reinforcing PE scrim coated with PE on both sides.


Available Fabric:

  • Middle-Duty Poly Tarp

    PE Tarpaulin widely used for truck canopy, ship, cover and cargo storage or transportation