Trailer Cover
Trailer Cover
Trailer Cover
Trailer Cover
Trailer Cover
Trailer Cover




Trailer stored in the open, whether in a side yard, or on the street, will likely fall prey to UV degradation, a process which begins by fading the paint and color of a trailer. Trailer cover works best for long-term storage in all climates. Protects against rain, wind, and sun. Contoured fit matches shape of trailer. Secures with cinch rope and straps.


Anti-UV, anti-mildew, fireproof, waterproof.

Oil resistance, easy to clean,old crack.

Long time durability, and high tensile and tearing strength.

Logo printing is available.

Water Resistant Yet Breathable.

Maximum Resistance to High Humidity & Rainfall.

Available Fabric:

  • Tufflex-Tarp Fabric

    Ideal protective tarpaulin covers for open top container,truck cover, dump truck cover
  • VanTop-550/600/650

    Different colorful appearance, special surface treatment anti-slip effect
  • Knifcoated EX-500/550/650

    These fabrics usually consist of a backing woven from polyester fibers with a surface coating of shiny plastic.
  • VanPro-550/600/650

    PVC Canvas -- Pitting Finish, that gives it a nice clean look