Product review


Water & Environment Management

Geocell Grid Panles are well known that an ideal soil material for use in civil engineering applications is one that compacts well and drains water freely. The problem is that the better draining soils are difficult to confine in place. Our Geo cellular confinement system provides a solution. It is being widely used in construction, such as highway, railway, bridge, dyke, etc.


Reduce Fill Required, fill quantity can be reduced by up to 70% while maintaining or improving bearing capacity.

Prevent the lateral movement of infill. Lower quality fill materials can often be used since they are contained within the cells.

Improve the bearing capacity of subgrade soils and extend the life-cycle of the road.

Easily installed without specialized equipment or crews.

Most local soils can be used as fill minimizing transportation costs and installation time.

Allow water to drain freely through permeable aggregates.


Available Fabric:

  • Geocell

    An Ideal Soil Material for Use in Civil Engineering Application