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Mining & Industrial

  • Bunding & Spill Control

    To minimise the risk of environmental harm from liquid spills and leaks.

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Pallet Covers

    Pallet covers offer a quick easy and economical solution during storage and transportation.

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Industrial Curtains

    Can partition off work areas from a variety of elements including noise, odor, sound, sight and other.

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Lumber Cover / Lumber Wrap

    Protects your lumber from Sun and Rain. Meet more specifically demands for quality covers in the lumber industry.

    Min. Order: 1piece

  • Flexible Ventilation Ducts

    Ventilation Duct is an effective solution for any industrial, commercial or even residential ventilation systems.

    Min. Order: 1piece