Winter Pool Cover
Winter Pool Cover
Winter Pool Cover
Winter Pool Cover
Winter Pool Cover



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The Winter Pool Cover is a UV-resistant for above ground pools. Easier to secure to your pool than other pool covers. The cover’s black underside retards algae growth and heat sealed seams means a crystal clear pool next spring. Pool covers are held secure with a heavy duty cable and winch tightener that is anchored by rip proof metal grommets. The cover is made to rest on the water in order to reduce stress on the pool wall. should hold it in place to protect the cover against the elements.


With double stitching that allows it to hold up in even the harshest of winters.

A large overlap allows for installation on virtually any above ground pool.

Installation is a breeze with the included cable and ratchet and the integrated metallic grommets.

Prevents wind-blown dirt, debris and leaves from entering your pool.


Available Fabric:

  • Tufflex-Tarp Fabric

    Ideal protective tarpaulin covers for open top container,truck cover, dump truck cover
  • PondFlex-Black/Blue

    It provides geomembranes with specific properties on each layer
  • Light-Duty Poly Tarp

    Light Duty Poly Tarps (PE Tarpaulin) is ideal when you need something light
  • Middle-Duty Poly Tarp

    PE Tarpaulin widely used for truck canopy, ship, cover and cargo storage or transportation