Air paddle board
Air paddle board
Air paddle board
Air paddle board
Air paddle board


2020/12/4 03:52

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Outdoor & Sport

Designed for stability, speed and portability,Inflatable Paddle Board is the perfect blend of balance, weight and size.Making Paddle Boarding accessible to everyone, AIR Inflatable Paddle Board performs well in all water conditions.When fully inflated feels like a hard board under your feet and on the water.


Ultra-light construction = easy to carry.

Deck bungee cord for storing gear.

Carry handles at nose, tail and center.

Rigid, Durable, Lightweight, Portable. A full range of styles to choose from.

Authentic Boardsport Performance in flat-water and surf.

All Around, Touring, River, Fitness/Yoga, and Windsurf models to fit your Inflatable SUP needs.

Available Fabric:

  • InflatedFlex-Boat Fabric

    Double Wall Fabric (also known as Drop Stitch Fabric) consists of two fabric layers separated