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Awning & Cover
Awning & Cover
Awning & Cover
Awning & Cover
Awning & Cover



Shade & Cover

The perfect awning can add beauty and shade to any venue. Shop quality fabrics by the yard for retractable and fixed awnings. All come with features like mold resistance, water repellence, and UV protection. Use the versatile outdoor canopy fabric for awnings on windows, businesses, RV’s, campers, or homes. They are great as a replacement fabric or for new installations.


Perfect for shading of windows and balcony doors etc.

Increase enjoyment of your private outdoor living space.

Simply clean with dish soap and water solution rinsed with hose water.

Panels do not discolor, fracture or become brittle over time.


Available Fabric:

  • LamiFlex600/1600

    Designed for outdoor advertising, wall coverings, banners and other displays
  • Tufflex-Tarp Fabric

    Ideal protective tarpaulin covers for open top container,truck cover, dump truck cover
  • Tufflex-Tent Fabric

    This type of material has chemical stability properties that is capable enough to fight against different liquids
  • Tufflex-Printed Stripe

    Printed tarpaulin,outstanding UV resistance, good color fastness, anti-aging and strong